Composition Roofing, Metal Roofing, or Restoration

When was the last time you thought about roof replacement or roof repairs? Replacing and repairing a roof can be not only time consuming on your end, but an inconvenience to your daily life. We understand that East Texas weather tends to be a bit hectic, especially during the rainy season and hot summers. This weather takes a toll on your roof by damaging and even ripping off shingles or whole sections of your roof. Allow us, D & J Roofing Company, to assist you with your roofing needs, whether your roof needs a full replacement or a roof repair, we can make the process easier for you!

Services we offer:

Our professional services include roof repair and complete roof replacement of old roofs of all types.  If you are not sure what your next step should be, give us a call for a consultation so we can offer expert advise.  We know that when it comes to your home’s roof, it is a serious matter, and will earn your trust to care for it in the best way possible.  As we have served Lufkin and the surrounding East Texas areas for many years, we have many continued to grow in our business by treating our customers fairly and putting them first.

Types of roofing we offer:

For residential roofing the two primary services are metal or composition asphalt shingle roofing. Did you know that the lifespan of a regular asphalt roof is between 20-30 years?

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly viable, as metal roofs are low maintenance, lightweight and more environmentally friendly.

If your roof is over the age of 20, give us a call and we will give you an estimate about what needs to be done along the lines of roof replacement, roof repair, or restoration.  The time to think about your aging roof is before you see any issues.

One of your homes most important elements if your roof, lets make sure you are covered for the years to come!